"If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind." ~John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859

Friday, January 11, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes!

Why do zits never go away? The bane of all teenage existence follows us doggedly into adulthood. Poor Ian has one right in the crease between his nose & upper lip. Those are the painfully annoying kind & he started to absentmindedly rub it while we were at the dinner table. Max (who has heard this phrase repeatedly directed at himself ) told Ian that "We don't pick our nose, Dad! That's yucky!" & the following conversation ensued:

I: I'm not picking my nose, buddy. Its a zit.
M: What's a zit?
I: Its another name for a pimple. Sometimes you get them because its time to wash your face.
M: Whats a pimp?

30 minutes later I have picked myself up off the floor & stopped laughing long enough to get on the blog!

On another note, When we watch movies, I usually skip all the previews/ads & head straight for the main menu so we can start watching the movie right away. Ian, on the other hand, just pops in the dvd & lets it run. Max really likes the THX ad in Pixar films. Evidently, every time the THX breaks down & the little robot comes flying out to fix it, Max says "He said dammit, Daddy. We don't say dammit". Every time! He knows he's not supposed to say that word but he seems to be under the impression that if he uses it while tattling, its OK.

Christmas Week

Christmas was so much fun this year! Mum-mum & Pop-pop came up from Arkansas for a whole week. We really missed Uncle Mark but he had to work at his new job. We spent christmas morning opening presents. The two biggest hits were the rubber farm boots (just like pop-pop's) & the shark tent followed closely by the basketball goal.

Taking a break from opening presents

I gots farm boots!!!

Max & Pop-pop in the shark

He shoots! He scores!

Later that day we all piled into the car & headed to Florissant for dinner with Ian's parents, his sister Deb & her family. Dinner (prime rib & yorkshire pudding, YUM!) was wonderful & it was nice to have both families together again. Max was treated to another round of presents but I think he had the most fun playing with his cousin Sarah.

Mimi, Grandpa & Ian

Sarah, Max, Sara, Mum-mum & Aunt Debbie

Max & Sarah playing (imaginary) baseball.

Ian & Uncle Scott looking snazzy in their new chef gear

We left Florissant arount 9:30pm & Max still seemed pretty wound up. Imagine my suprise when I looked in the back seat about 15 minutes later & saw this:
What a pair!

Later that week our friends Misty & Michael came over & had lunch with us. Their kids were in Arkansas for a few days so Max had them all to himself. I was just happy to see my bestest friend!

Misty & Michael

After all the excitment, Max decided he needed a nice relaxing bath that night. What better time to try out his new razor & shaving cream.

And the party just kept going! Marlo came over for a couple hours later in the week & managed to distract Max for an hour or so. I think he might have even conned her into going to Arkansas with us in March.

Sara, Max, Marlo & Pop-pop