"If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind." ~John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Machines: X-ray & construction (luckily not on the same day!)

Max got his first X-ray today. He's fine, nothing's broken, (just wanted to get that part out up front). He fell off some of the playground equipment at school Monday and tough little guy that he is, didn't mention it! Monday evening, we had just started our evening walk, when Max started limping and asking to be carried. That's when he told us he fell out of the spiderweb (picture a cat's cradle big enough to climb in) & hurt his foot. It didn't feel better this morning so off to the doctor we went. Max thought the X-ray camera was really cool & he did really well, followed all the tech's directions perfectly. But, even though there are no broken bones (yippee), he has a bit of soft tissue damage that will just have to heal on its own. Which means Max has to slow down. I know, I gave the doctor a funny look when he told me to make sure Max takes it easy.

On another note, Max & Ian went to an event called Meet the Machines last Saturday. The kids were allowed to climb on all kinds of different construction equipment, watch demonstrations and see some antique equipment as well. The were even letting kids go up in a cherry picker with a parent. Max was in Heaven!
Not sure what this is
Max w/ an antique bulldozer
Max in the Bobcat

And In the cab of something really big

Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake in Indiana

We were awakened at about 4:30 this morning when our bed started shaking and a very loud sound that I am having trouble finding the right word to describe. It was kind of a booming, cracking sound, but that's not even quite right. Even though the whole house was shaking nothing fell off the walls or bookcases. It was all very surreal. After it stopped, we turned on the news to find out that we had just experienced an 5.2 earthquake. Aftershocks are sitting at about 4.5. I keep hearing them but am not feeling them as much. The epicenter was near Evansville, IN so we didn't have it to badly but I will be spending some time checking the foundation tomorrow. So far everyone we know is OK but we have friends with family in Evansville so send out good thoughts for them.

What was Max doing during all the excitement, you ask?
Sleeping peacefully.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My son, the rock star! or Why I run errands while Max is at school.

Max has a new favorite song. He sings it all the time, but mostly while we are in public. At the top of his lungs.

I was going to Kentucky
I was going to the fair
To see a sen nor etta (maxspeak for senorita)
With flowers in her hair
So shake it baby, shake it
Shake it if you can
Shake it like a milkshake
And put it in your pants

He also does covers of Willie Nelson's On the Road Again & anything by Johnny Cash. These he tends to save for the car or at home.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Less than 3 weeks til the end of the semester...

and I am in Paper Hell! Over the next 19 days, I have to write one 2-page paper (almost done), two 5+ page papers (due the same bleepin' week) and a 10 minute speech, plus study for a final. So the blog will not get updated for a bit. Unless Max does something incredibly funny or Ian gets a moment away from planning his Scots for Tots event. Here's a pic of Max being Max to tide you over!

Thank you for my AWESOME sword Aunt Vicki!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who-cakes & veggie drama

We took Max to see "Horton Hears a Who" last Saturday and he loved it! Our friends Leslie & Lucas went with us & afterwards we all went to IHOP where Max got special "Who-cakes" for dinner. Picture a graduated stack of yummy pancakes, boysenberry and blueberry glaze flowing down the sides instead of syrup, sprinkles and topped off with a pink lollipop. Max thought it was delicious. Leslie & I were feeling a little adventurous & each tried a bite. If your over the age of 5, stick with regular menu.

I had big plans this year to put in a couple of raised beds for veggies since Max & I love them so much. I had visions of tomatoes & corn, okra & lettuce, zucchini & yellow squash, even some brussel sprouts for Max. (Yes, thanks to Pop-pop, Max loves brussel sprouts.) Unfortunately, my days off have been spent inside cleaning & sorting through about12 years worth of junk that has accumulated. I found a couple boxes that I'm pretty sure I haven't opened since we moved out of the condo. Why have I been cleaning? Because it rains on my days off! While I'm at work I can see the bright sunshine through the big windows at the front of the store. "Beautiful", I think, "I'm off tomorrow. I'll put in the garden beds." Wrong! Here comes the rain. I'm going to have to get creative!