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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Family Reunion

The Four Good Brothers
Al & John in front with Steve & Andy in back

Memorial Day weekend brought the Goods to St. Louis in droves! The festivities began with a BBQ at John's as people began arriving Friday. The grown ups played lots of games of "Pass the Baby" while the food cooked to perfection.

Sara, Angela, Al, John, Linda, & Lily

Kim, Andy, Scott, Debbie, Lynn, Uncle Steve & Cousin Steve

Max was in heaven. Why, you ask? This was the first time he met his second cousin Eli & to say they hit it off would be an understatement. They had a great time...

sword fighting...
shooting bubble guns...

climbing giant bug sculptures...

Petting sting rays...

You heard me, petting sting rays. The zoo has a great new exhibit that runs through the end of September. You can read more about it here.
Both boys thought it was totally cool, if a bit slimey.
Alas, that is where my pictures end (until I can find the darn cd the others are on) but the stories continue. After a crazy Saturday with some at the zoo, some at the art museum, others playing golf & one poor sap who had to work (wonder who that was?), the whole family gathered at local restaurant for more together time. Its funny how even after you grow up, you still get put at the kid's table.
Sunday, the majority of the family went to church then to a brunch. (Is it really brunch if its after 12pm?) Max was having a hard time listening & Ian sat him down to have a conversation. To make sure Max was concentrating on what he was saying, Ian asked if he was wearing his "listening ears". Max promptly replied, "No Dad, they're recharging! At which point everyone dissolved in a fit of laughter & Max learned a very valuable lesson.
Sunday evening, the festivities continued at Rob & Kim's house with an indoor picnic, more baby passing, some movie watching & lots of catching up.
What do you mean its over?!?

What a great way to spend a weekend! And we can't wait til next Memorial Day weekend!