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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten *Update*

Today, at 8:20 am, Max officially started Kindergarten. He has been so excited about this day for weeks. Last night he picked out his clothes & really thought about his choices. (Everything matched!) Even though he was tired-couldn't sleep from excitement-he jumped out of bed this morning to get ready. He insisted on putting on his backpack immediately & wanted to hold his lunchbox during breakfast.

Time for breakfast

Here we go!

The school was a madhouse with all the kids & parents waiting outside. Finally, everyone lined up by grade, the kindergarteners (and their parents) marched into the building.
Getting ready to line up. Max refused to smile, just gave me his "tough guy" look instead.

Once we got into the classroom & found Max's chair, he dismissed us. Literally. "Mom & Dad, you can go now. But first will you open my play-dough?" Getting a goodbye kiss was like pulling teeth & after that, forget any sort of communication. He was in the "Kindergarten Zone".

So now, Lily & I get to figure out what to do with ourselves until 3:00pm. I'm sure we can find something...

* Max's first day went wonderfully! He came home chattering about his day & some of the new things he did. In response to a few of my questions, I received the proberbial "nothing" or "I don't know". I thought that didn't start until they were just a little bit older?


Angie said...

How exciting! I remember my first day of Kindergarten. I had all of my clothes out ready to go the night before and was so excited. My mom tells me now that I also wore a pair of her pantyhose to be really "dressed up." Of course, I had really been ready to go to K on January, since my mom had told me after I turned 5 I got to go to school. I didn't understand that I couldn't start in the middle of the year!

Gassel said...

So much fun! And Mom and Dad...stop trying to get kisses from Max when he's trying to be cool at school! Don't get him a trapper keeper! :)

Myrtle said...

Max is gettin so grown up. Where has the time gone. Hopefully the willingness to go to school will last for many years